Living Word

I recently came across an account of an American man visiting the house churches in China. At one particular meeting, they asked him to speak about the state of Christianity in the world today. There were about 70 house church leaders, and all of them had served at least three years in prison for their … More Living Word

Status Update

For us it seems like a lifetime. Well, it actually kind of has been; the preparation for us stepping out in faith to bring the gospel to the ends of earth has been God taking us through things that have happened in our lives. The moment we said “yes” to God, or “send me, I’ll … More Status Update

7 Fast Diaries: Month One Summarized

I’m so incredibly thankful for what God did in this first month of fasting! And so excited to continue this journey, anxious for more of Him, more growth, and more change; choosing less, and creating a simple life where we can pare down from busyness, and the excess to hear from God, to be on mission with Him. Bringing freedom to the captive, bringing healing to the broken, and restoring all things for His glory.
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