Meet the Lawsons

DSC_8197eChris Lawson

Meet Mr. Lawson, the leader of our tribe, husband extraordinaire, and master of being a girl dad.

He served in the US Navy for 10 years, and earned his Bachelors of Science in Religion from Liberty University.

Chris is an avid gardener, and has a desire to develop restorative farming practices that can help people and the environment, specifically among the local farmers where we live.

His real passion is to bring restoration to all people, through discipleship and living in community.






Whitney Lawson

Meet the mama of the tribe–lover of Jesus, deep feeler, and joy seeker.

Homeschooling adventurer who’s passion is to never stop learning. She is a hobby collector; a few include:  sewing, embroidery, crocheting, knitting, painting, writing, cooking, photography and videography.

She has a heart for daughters  to mentor, disciple, and champion women into their true identity as daughters of our Creator.





Addison “Addie” Lawson

This red headed beauty, biggest sister, Addie, is 8 years olds. She is in the 3rd grade and has a love for reading; her current genre selection is the encyclopedia and Winne the Horse Gentler . Addie has a big heart for animals. Her aspiration when she grows up is to become a Veterinarian, and have her own horse therapy/rescue farm.

She loves adventure, and wants to travel the world. Dance is an outlet for her to express herself, and she has creative ideas how to use that for Jesus. Her heart for God is precious, and it is a gift to be her spiritual leaders.






Emmalienne “Emma” Lawson

Sweet Emma, our fearless girl, is 6 years old, and is just about to finish 1st grade.  She loves building legos, having her toes painted and wearing red lipstick. Her favorite colors are blue and yellow.

Sharing the Gospel is something  she is passionate about, and loves to share the love of Jesus with everyone. She is so friendly, loyal and affectionate.  She has faith that moves mountains, and gives the best hugs.





Dorothy Mae “Mae Mae” Lawson

Dorothy Mae, age 4, has a wild and free kind of spirit. She’s a little accident prone, having made more trips to the E.R. than her years of life. She enjoys having her picture taken by strangers, and pretends she can understand them when they speak Thai.

Curiosity is her main foe, always helping her into trouble, but she’s quick to learn life’s lessons and try better next time. Her planned occupation is “Ice Queen.” It’s impossible not to fall in love with her when you look into her big blue eyes.




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Frances “Frannie” Lawson

Frances, by definition of her name  means ‘free one,’ and that she is. She makes her presence known, whether by shrill and shriek or smiles and laughter.  She loves spicy food, and being tickled.

She was born in Thailand, and will soon be turning two. Her first word was Thai. It’s hard not to kiss her chubby cheeks.