These are my days

My life through my own eyes; filled to the brim with excitement and equal measures of chaos. Of course, each morning brings me to its rise with the intoxicating aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee, thanks to the sturdy man who lovingly cares for his wildflower. The next desperate, and half-awake step is … More These are my days

A Holy Moment

When we arrive to Mae Bear’s house, I am surprised by how many people are there already. I notice right away that people from at least three different villages are already here. We open the door and begin walking towards Mae Bear’s house. Many people start coming out and began to wai us (say ‘why’). … More A Holy Moment

A people for Jesus

Paw Air and his family have expressed over the past few months that they desperately want to begin reaching their neighbors and beyond with the Good News about “Pra Yesu”, Jesus. In just a few months, they have already started their own house church meeting, and we have been going out with them to reach … More A people for Jesus