A year in review: 2018


We’re two weeks into the new year, and looking back at all that 2018 brought us, I’m in awe of God’s goodness and faithfulness. Never in a million years would I have imagined my life as it is, but I know saying yes to Him has been the best ride of my life; and this year has been no exception! Here’s some of the highlights of the last year and our prayer for you in 2019!

January-We started off the year full force and had a busy month of activities, including, just two days into the new year, Dorothy Mae getting 7 stitches because she split open her chin! We celebrated Children’s Day, a holiday meant to recognized and celebrate kids. A missionary from Cambodia came to facilitate a performing arts program for our homeschool co-op. Our friends got married and asked our girls to be flower girls in their wedding.


February-Dorothy Mae turned 3! Khon Kaen Annual Agricultural Fair. Developed connections with a local Thai Church. Chris held meetings to help college students with English by teaching them the gospel story.


March-Traveled to Chiang Mai for the Christian Outreach Center’s Conference. We got into a car accident on the way. We explored the city and ate a lot of yummy western food.


April-Hopped on a plane and traveled around the world back to the states for furlough. We visited Liberty Church, DuQuion, IL and met so many amazing people! Traveled to Pensacola, FL.


May-Took part in Charity Chapel and Liberty Church’s Mission’s Conferences. Soaked up time with our Globe family during a retreat they put on for their members. Enjoyed a free Dolphin Cruise thanks to Upper Room, Pensacola Beach. Visited with so many friends and supporters! Got to spend a day at Disney thanks to our sweet friends! Everyone got sick!


June-We stayed in Virginia with Chris’s parents and were able to rest and recover. The girls got to participate in VBS at Brown’s Chapel, right down the road from Nana and Pop’s house. Addie turned 8! Visited North Carolina to see Whitney’s family and we were honored to be a part of Pearl Street Pentecostal Church’s Sunday worship service. Chris traveled back to FL for the Liberty Network Conference.


July-Drove to Maine to visit with family! Jumped on a plane back to Thailand. Frances turned one (or technically never turned one) on a long flight over the pacific ocean. The stewardess found out it was her first birthday and had everyone on the plane sing Happy Birthday. She even got a free seat…which was really a gift for us!



August-Chris turns 30! Massive invasion of termites! Chris begins full-time language learning at a formal school. Our sweet friend came to visit!


September-Homeschool school year starts! Addie begins 3rd grade, Emma in 1st, and Dorothy Mae attends class when she feels like it! Emma turns 6!


October-Had another sweet friend come stay with us. Went to a petting zoo. Traveled to a small island in the south of Thailand. Whitney had a new opportunity to continue studying the language with a private tutor.


November-Whitney hosted a ladies vision casting meeting for missionary women serving in our region. Got to celebrate the sixth birthday of Eli, one of the girl’s friends, at a waterpark! Whitney turns 28! We celebrated Thanksgiving very properly with turkey, ham and all the fixings. Renewed our visas with little to no problems!


December-Chris’s Thai has come so far, he’s reading and writing! We really spent the month focused in on the reason for the season, and spending time as a family. There was a big Christmas celebration with all the house churches combined! Chris volunteered with a team to share the Christmas story with a local Thai elementary school.


As we entered into last year, we had great expectations for all that God was going to do, and He showed up! We’ve had a slammed full year, lots of busyness, things to do, and places to go. As we’ve been doing all the things, we kept our eyes and ears open to what God was up to on the way! We encountered so many of God’s children who needed to know God saw them and that He loved them; we encouraged, loved, prophesied, and proclaimed the gospel. There was fruit and there was rejection. 2019 for us is about continuing to invest in Thailand, Thai culture and Thai language, investing into the community around us, and learning everything we can! Our hearts are broken for the people we serve, may they hear the message of Christ and be set free! We are so stirred by how God is moving here in Thailand and in the church in America!

Our prayer for you in 2019 is that you would walk in the authority of your sonship. That nothing would cause you to shrink back from anything short of radical obedience to Jesus. Would God give you His heart that longs to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke. That you would spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, so that your light would rise in the darkness. May the Lord guide you always (Isaiah 58). 

We love you so deeply and thank God every time we remember you! Because of your love and support, we can walk in obedience to God’s call and anointing on our lives with greater confidence!

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