And these signs will accompany those who believe

dsc_3839eSitting down on a wooden bench, that must have been made by a resourceful hand, having been comprised of several questionable things; Sipping a Nestle Mocha instant coffee in 107-degree weather. The haze was heavy and filled with debris that made my eyes itchy and water. Sweat dripping down my temple. My eyes wondered around a small, humble, home in a little rural village in Khon Kaen, Thailand. I can see where the clothes are washed in a pot and hung to dry, where dishes are washed, the dirt that covered the floor, farming equipment hanging inside the house with open doors and windows. With my eyes, my mind starts to wander too. How is this real life? I see four ladies sitting on the floor, hearts ablaze with the love of our Savior Jesus; eyes lit up with joy to have us there, journeying alongside them! Meh Baan begins speaking, oh how I wish I could understand her. I look to Bill, who begins to translate.

She was recounting the story of when she had turned to Christ. She had been to “Christian” church before with her friend Meh Gaan, but never really committed to it. The church building was far away so she didn’t go often. One day she was sitting at home, feeling depressed. All she could think about were her problems, all her struggles, and how nothing was working out! Her daughter was off in a really bad way, her husband had gotten them into a lot of debt, she was so unhappy. She remembered her friend Meh Gaan and wanted to call her, but didn’t have her number.  Just as she thought she couldn’t feel any worse, she saw dust coming up from the road to her house. It was her friend Meh Gaan!

Before Meh Baan could even finish her story, Meh Gaan chimes in!

I’m so excited, on the edge of my makeshift bench. Bill continued to translate.

Meh Gaan says, “The night before I had a dream of you,” gesturing to Meh Baan. “I knew that God wanted me to go pray for you.  The next day I got on my motorbike and headed to your house. I came down your road and you greeted me with such excitement.”

The ladies went around, like popcorn, sharing each part of the testimony! Meh Gaan and Meh Baan prayed together that day. Miraculously God began to do amazing things in Meh Baan’s life!

Her relationship with her daughter was restored, the debt they owed had disappeared and all the while Meh Baan gave glory to God! She knew it was Him because of how God orchestrated the whole encounter and how He had answered her prayers.

There are so many lost and broken people in the world, overwhelmed with life’s circumstances and there is nothing or no one that they can turn to that will bring the restoration and transformation that only Jesus Christ can!

During our visit last March we heard testimony after testimony of God encountering Thais through these house church movements. Moving from village to village, spreading from family member to neighbor.

One lady believed God to start her husband’s heart after he had died from a heart attack! She laid her hands on him, prayed and the man immediately got up as nothing had happened. There have been dreams to go and visit a friend, and the gospel was shared and received! Hands were laid on the sick at house church gatherings and they were healed! So many reports of our astonishing God!

We are so excited to be a part of the amazing things God is doing in Thailand! And we are so appreciative that you have chosen to take a part in His work too! It’s because of your partnership, prayers, encouragement and financial support that we are able to go! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

weloveyou 1


Upon arriving in Antioch, they called the church together and reported everything God had done through them and how he had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles, too. Acts 14:27

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