May Update

Hey guys! We are so sorry that it has been so long since our last blog post. It has been a wild year already! We have been having a ton of fun, learning lots of new things, and continuing to grow in the Lord. What’s new? Well, Chris has now officially stopped attending language school, … More May Update

Feeding monks

As soon as my feet touch the floor my head begins thinking about my upcoming language lessons. I make my way downstairs, open up the computer, and sign into Skype. I see an incoming message from my language teacher that says her internet is not working. Yes! I run upstairs and put on my running … More Feeding monks

What in the world are we doing here?

One of the major focuses over these last two months has been training up the local believers in the concept of discipleship multiplication. The idea behind “multiplication” is that it has the potential to spread the Gospel exponentially faster than “addition”. Rather than doing only speaking events to share about Jesus, a discipleship making movement … More What in the world are we doing here?

Meet Daa

At one of our first house church meetings after arriving in Thailand, a young woman came to the meeting. She wasn’t a believer, but Daa had heard about all the miracles God was doing around her village. For several nights after the meeting, she was kept awake at night thinking about all the new things … More Meet Daa