What in the world are we doing here?

One of the major focuses over these last two months has been training up the local believers in the concept of discipleship multiplication. The idea behind “multiplication” is that it has the potential to spread the Gospel exponentially faster than “addition”. Rather than doing only speaking events to share about Jesus, a discipleship making movement could sweep through an entire area and touch every person in that community through relationships. This is how the news of Jesus spread to the entire world through only 11 men who walked with Jesus. They were told to make disciples of all nations, and that’s exactly what we are here to do.



You can see how one disciple can make three disciples, who in turn will make three disciples, and so on. If every disciple makes 3 disciples, then by the 10th generation of discipleship 3 disciples will become 59,049. Of course, this is if you only start with 3 disciples, and those disciples only make 3 disciples ever. The numbers would be astronomical if any person made more than 3 disciples. If you make 12 like Jesus, and those 12 only ever make 12 twelve disciples and no more, then you’re looking at 6,191,7364,224 in only 10 generations. What this means is that if just a few followers of Jesus really gave their lives toward making disciples of Jesus, we would make disciples of every single person on this planet in just a few short years! This was one of the first visions that Jesus gave us when we said yes to missions initially.

There are approximately 20 million Isaan people living in Thailand, and less than half of one percent of them even know who Jesus is. We have now been taking part in training ourselves and trying to reproduce these concepts in the believers here. It’s not a self-centered God that we serve, and He is reproducing His image in us! With all of this said, we want to be clear that our number one goal every morning is to wake up hand in hand with Jesus, radically in love with our Daddy and our neighbors. If we are not living in love every moment, then neither will our disciples. Our main focus is that we will be disciples worth reproducing!

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