Because of YOU…

Brothers and Sisters!

dsc_3888eGod is so amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our recurring gift amount jumped up drastically this week! We actually had a friend call and offer to ask all of the people he knew if they would consider giving recurring gifts! Praise God! Because of YOUR generosity, WE ARE BUYING TICKETS TOMORROW!! We have made it to 80%!! Khap Khun Prajow (Thank you God in Thai). We still have 20% until we are 100% funded, but at this point, we are continuing with our plans of leaving in a few weeks and trusting that God will provide the remaining 20%. We really can’t say thank you enough. And we thank you on behalf of those millions of people in Thailand who will now have the opportunity to stand before their Father in heaven and hear Him say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

I moved all of our family’s heirloom furniture back to my parent’s house in Virginia with a friend over this weekend. We have lots of testimonies about people we encountered on our trip! Jesus is amazing, and He loves every single person that crosses our path; life is so fulfilling when we can walk in this reality everywhere we go!

At one point, we stopped at a gas station and we met a man from India who was working behind the counter. He was such a happy man; I thought for sure that He was born again, so I asked him, “Do you know Jesus?” He said no, and then went on to tell me that he was searching for truth in science and had stepped out of religion. He actually attended and graduated from a Christian University. I told him how much Jesus loved him and was proud of him; then we left. As we were driving away from the gas station, I remembered that I had some cash that my friend gave me, and so we talked about it and decided that we had to turn around and give it to that man. We walked back into the gas station and gave him the money, but he didn’t want to accept it. I then told him that Jesus loved him, and that God knew that he was going through a hard financial time. We blessed him with it, and he was blown away. We left knowing that this man knew that Jesus loved him and that He was concerned with every situation of his well being. Praise God that we have the privilege of sharing His love and joy with this world! We had so many encounters like this on our journey.

As far as our journey to Thailand goes, I’m selling my truck on Wednesday, and we’ve gotten rid of most of our things! Our attic is empty, every one of my tools are gone, and we’re down to the last little bits of furniture, which we plan on selling by this weekend. For now, our plan is to move out of our house no later than next Tuesday, stay with some friends a couple of nights, and then we’re off to Virginia for about two weeks. After that it’s off to Thailand with a few weeks of a layover in Hawaii to see our amazing friends. We thank you all so much for your investments into our ministry.

We love you guys, and we can’t say it enough. Thank you and we love you!


One thought on “Because of YOU…

  1. Good Luck on your new journey. You all will be greatly missed. God is doing such amazing things in your lives and you will bring so many people to Jesus. We are all proud of you and your Faith. We look forward to living and learning about Thailand through your experiences.


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