Hey everybody!

Thanks for checking in. It’s been quite a busy season here at the Lawson house. We’ve been ramping up our efforts in selling everything. Chris is going to take a trip back to his parent’s house to deliver some of the furniture we plan on keeping in the family. Outside of those few items, everything else goes!

dsc_0137eIn December we had some amazing gifts come through. Thank you all so much for all of your support. We’re still in the process of increasing our funding. We’re getting closer every day though, and it is so amazing to walk through this process of liberation. We are giving ourselves over into a complete slavery to Jesus. Nobody can have two masters, and it’s Jesus that we want to be devoted to. Praise God for His goodness!

Chris’ last day in the Navy is this coming Friday the 13th. For all those interested, he’s starting a “beard/hair growth tracker”, which will be updated on this blog. This has been a very sweet season for us. The Holy Spirit has been showing us His desire for us in the secret place. Our hearts have been returning to the Word of God, and we have been finding ourselves meditating more and more on the Word than we ever have. We are seeing miracles daily as we venture out to the grocery stores, gas stations, coffee shops, and work centers.

We’re still planning to proceed with finishing up everything in Pensacola by the end of January and setting off for Thailand in early February. We love and bless all of you! Thank you for all of your prayers, love, financial support, and encouragement.

weloveyou 1


Some pretty big news to come, so stay in tune!

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