We are on our way


3am we arrive to the airport with all three girls in good spirits. We begin unloading our baggage to be checked, the girls each with their own backpack full of goodies hop out of the car, excitement in full swing as we walk to the check-in desk. Addie and Emma are so excited for their first plane ride. We go through TSA, and make it to our gate with plenty of time to spare. Within moments of sitting down I let out a sigh of relief, and of course Emma spouts off, “when are we there yet!”


Wind whips violently as we walk through the terminal doors onto the runway and climb stairs to board our tiny plane. Our five seats cover the very back of the cabin. What a bumpy ride, full of turbulence almost enough to make you sick, but you would have never known it by the look on our girls’ faces.


The rest of our flights were uneventful; everything was on time and went so smoothly! We know it was the grace of God, and we are so thankful for that! We arrived in Hawaii half an hour early, greeted warmly by our dear friends.


We’ve been in Hawaii for almost two weeks. Our main focus has been to recharge, rest and refuel for next leg of the journey to Thailand. It’s going to be quite the transition for our family.  It was a busy January and early February selling our things, yard sale, moving out of our house, and packing our entire lives in only four trunks and one suitcase a piece. We have one more week left in Kauai. Our flight leaves in the evening of March 8th, and we arrive in Khon Kaen (4 flights later) March 10th at 2 in the afternoon local time.


We feel so blessed to be on the move for God! Submitting to His call for the nations. We are giving up much of what we’ve always known and found comfort in, but we are also gaining so much, and more importantly bringing the Good News to those who have never heard and adding them to the Kingdom. How could we do it without God’s power and the support of our fellow believers? Thank you for your prayers, love and partnership. We love you!


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4 thoughts on “We are on our way

  1. This is AMAZING! So blessed to see the beautiful journey you guys are on!! I’m excited to watch and pray from afar🙏 Maybe one God will allow me to pay you guys a visit! Until then, love you all and I’m routing you all on and praying fervently for you!!! Xoxo


  2. We love you and look forward to reading all the amazing things you all Will do in the name of the Lord . Forever in our prayers.


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