Meet Daa


At one of our first house church meetings after arriving in Thailand, a young woman came to the meeting. She wasn’t a believer, but Daa had heard about all the miracles God was doing around her village. For several nights after the meeting, she was kept awake at night thinking about all the new things she had heard. One night she decided she wanted to follow Jesus, but didn’t know how. She started to talk aloud to God, and felt like she needed to call one of the believers from the neighboring village. At that moment her phone rang; it was the very person she was thinking about calling. Mae Gaan talked with her about Jesus, and shared the Good News about how He wanted her as His daughter. She received Christ and at the next gathering of believers she was baptized, along with her husband.

Within the weeks that followed Daa began to share testimonies of how God was using her throughout the week to pray for people and to tell them about her God. She has been hosting weekly meetings in her home, where she is relentlessly reaching her neighbors for Jesus. Led by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, she has now removed all the idols  from her home.

Her faith is ablaze and God has given her a passion to pray for those around her. Last Wednesday, the video posted on Facebook of us praying for the woman who had a stroke, was only possible because of Daa taking us into her neighbor’s house.

She shared recently about how for the first time in her life, she loves people she doesn’t even know and feels a burden to tell them that there is hope in Jesus. It’s incredible to see the power of the life changing God we serve, bring about a stirring for the unreached among the unreached.

One thought on “Meet Daa

  1. God is so good! You guys are always in our constant prayers as well as those you will be ministering to. I’m so blessed to be able to hear the amazing works and stories of God‘s greatness through y’all. Who love you. We miss you! Until we see tether again made at Holy Spirit guide you in all you do !


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