Our trip so far, in summary

It seems like we’ve been around the world and back again. Well wait, we have, except we haven’t gone back yet! Still one month left in the states before we take the long journey back to our beloved Thailand. It’s been a whirlwind of a trip, traveling the east coast is no joke with four kids in tow, especially with an eleven month old.

Just wanted to give you some of the highlights…and maybe some of the disasters, of our trip this far.

We have taken Dorothy Mae into the ER twice, once for an infected hangnail, and another for an ear infection. Recently she visited the dentist to have her root canal repaired that she had last year.

Month one.

We spent the first month traveling to Kentucky, Illinois and Florida. We spoke at a handful of churches, attended two missions conferences, and spent time with friends and supporters that were able.  We also attended a retreat held by our mission’s organization, Globe International. It was a precious time!

We got to hangout with some of our sweet friends, who we would consider family, in Orlando. They treated us to a day at Disney!

Month two.

We drove over 900 miles back to Virginia, where Chris is from to spend some time with family. We spent some time resting and recovering after being hit with a yucky cold that resulted in ear infections for all the girls. Chris spoke at two churches in the county, and the three big girls got to attend a vacation bible school. After two weeks in Buckingham, we traveled down to Elizabeth City, NC for two weeks to spend time with my side of the family. We celebrated Addie’s eighth birthday, and Father’s Day. The big girls enjoyed a sleep over at their great grandmother’s house, and way too many sweets. We met with several friends to share about our last year, and all that God is doing in Thailand.

Month three.

Chris was able to attend the Liberty Network Conference in Pensacola the last week of June. It was a huge blessing, and a timely message for us! Now we are in Maine for a little bit to finish out our furlough.

Our plane back to Thailand leaves July 24.

Just wanted to give you guys a quick update! We’ve been planning to post blogs more frequently to keep you updated and to share testimonies, but traveling has gotten the best of us! Thank you guys so much for your love and support! Thank you for opening your homes, sharing a meal; thank you for your gifts, cards, and encouragement. You display so clearly the faithfulness of our daddy!

weloveyou 1

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