Are we going to make it count



As we prepare to head back to the States for the next 3 months, things have certainly been busy and crazy around here! Doors have been opening into our community as we are preparing for our trip. I have had the opportunity to meet with a local church here in our city to host a weekly training group for discipleship. We did week 1 last week, and now things are on hold until we get back in August! I have been meeting person after person in different contexts and sharing the Gospel right away. The responses have been incredible, and I have a handful of people ready to start the discipleship process. Our heart here is that we would build every single relationship on Jesus. Bill and Julie have been seeing more and more breakthrough in the villages. People are coming to Jesus weekly, if not daily, and the church is growing more rapidly in this province than it ever has before in the history of this nation.

Our vision and goal is that within the next 5-10 years, every single person in this nation will have heard the Good News about Jesus, and every single village within this nation will have a local church meeting weekly.

I recently heard a senior missionary say that,

“whether or not we want to admit it, we are sacrificing many things to be here. Our wives are giving up the comforts of normal life, and our children are growing up away from family and many of the opportunities their piers have. So, are we going to waste that sacrifice, or are we going to make it count?”

He was so right. We are here because it’s the Gospel and Spirit of Jesus Christ that compels us to share His love with the entire world. We are not here to waste time or check off boxes. We are here to make eternal impact. Our days are numbered, and they aren’t very long. We want to make every single second of this short life count.

We have lots of traveling coming up, which means lots of encounters with people who need Jesus. We have given up the idea of being accepted by everyone. We are embracing what it looks like to become utter fools for Jesus. Anything else would be hypocrisy! We are so excited to come back and spend time with all of you guys reading this. Please reach out so we can set a time to connect! We really do want to surrender our schedules to fellowship with all of you, because if you guys weren’t standing behind us with financial support, prayer, and encouragement, we wouldn’t be standing here in Thailand right now. We are so humbly dependent upon your obedience to Jesus, and this simple concept has probably been the absolute hardest part of the process of becoming, and living as, missionaries. We are so humbled to have you guys partnering with us! We love you so much, more than we could ever express. You guys are so amazing! We pray that our journey not only destroys the works of the enemy here, but that it also encourages you guys to rise up in the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s empowering and step into this courageous battle for the kingdom of God in every single place that you put your foot down.

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