They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts


Our last post we talked about discipleship. As my eyes and ears have been intentionally looking for opportunities to implement the lifestyle discipleship we talked about, God has been highlighting different people in this city that He has been preparing. One of those people just agreed to meet up weekly with me to begin living life together and building relationship.

This man is a very prominent business owner in our city, and he is wide open to hear and learn about Jesus. He even has ideas already of how we can reach into different communities in our area, including his family. I am super excited about the potential of this friendship, and I am looking forward to all of the doors that will open us up into the community of our city.

If you remember from the last post, I challenged you to begin to ask God to reveal to you some specific people that you can begin investing into now. This man has been an answer to that prayer for me. Jesus reached us 2,000 years after His resurrection through 11 men. We have been given a huge assignment; we have been commissioned to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This can sound overwhelming, but it’s actually beautifully simple. To get to the ends of the earth, we only have to start pouring into and developing relationships with those people that are right in front of us. As we are faithful in all things, God will begin to forge relationships and connect us with the right people who will multiply everything we sow into them.

I want to challenge you guys this week to make a decision not to close your garage doors after pulling into your homes, but instead leave them open and get a little uncomfortable by speaking to your neighbors. Don’t just invite them to church; invite them to dinner. Begin downloading your spiritual DNA into them! Your co-workers, children, and spouses are only waiting to see a demonstration of the love of Jesus. Our lives need to be a demonstration AND a proclamation of love.

God so values your neighbors, co-workers, children, spouse, enemies, and all the people of this earth that He paid an unthinkable price. He made the sacrifice that He wouldn’t let Abraham make. He poured out the blood of His Son on the cross so that we could know Him!

Let us pray and ask God right now who He would have us to begin to invest in. Remember, we cannot reproduce who we aren’t. More is caught than taught. Begin infecting those around you with the love of Jesus with every single opportunity. Make every opportunity count! We can be the hands and feet of Jesus as we lovingly serve those around us.

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