My darling: a love letter from God


I was praying this morning, and as I was talking to God he began to reveal some deep things within my heart that I hadn’t really been aware of until I began reading a book where I identified so closely with what the author was saying that it opened wounds I had thought were healed.

As I was crying out to Daddy God for freedom in this area of anger and shame, He began to speak so clearly of His love for me. Normally I keep these love letters from God safely tucked away in a secret place to read them and re-read them when I need it. But this letter was different. I felt like Holy Spirit was leading me to share it because there are too many daughters, like me, who have forgotten who their Daddy is, and the kind of love that He has for them!

Here is God’s love letter to you:

My darling,

I am strong; I made the universe with my powerful hand, and with that same hand I hold you. You can rest in the safety of my arms. I will let no harm come your way. I can heal your broken heart; I can heal your broke way. Come to me, I will give you rest.

You don’t have to worry, my dear, I’m working out every detail of your life. I know your anxious thoughts, put your mind at ease, be still.

You can trust me. I do not hold you in shame when you make a mistake, no matter how many times. I grab your hand in mine and help you rise again.

Don’t chose other ways to protect yourself. My love casts out all fear, you are safe with me, dear one. I am a strong tower, a place of refuge you can run to in times of trouble.

Chose me. My love never fails. Others have failed you in the past, but my love has no restraint. Chose me. My love is patient and kind. You’ve made mistakes in the past, fallen down and gotten hurt.

Chose me, I am not angry, my love holds no records of wrongs. You are fully known and loved by me, my precious daughter. In me you can trust and hope, my love for you will never fail, my love bears all things. I will never stop loving you.

Your Daddy, Father God

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