7 Fast Diaries: Month One Summarized

I’m so incredibly thankful for what God did in this first month of fasting! And so excited to continue this journey, anxious for more of Him, more growth, and more change; choosing less, and creating a simple life where we can pare down from busyness, and the excess to hear from God, to be on mission with Him. Bringing freedom to the captive, bringing healing to the broken, and restoring all things for His glory.
More 7 Fast Diaries: Month One Summarized

7 Fast Diaries

Today is day 5, out of 3 weeks. While it has only been five days it might as well be an eternity! It hasn’t taken me very long to realize I’m straight up addicted to coffee. Not like in a “oh, I just really like coffee,” it’s more of “I depend on coffee for survival … More 7 Fast Diaries