7 Fast Dairies: Month 2


This month’s area of fasting was in clothing! We chose only 7 articles of clothing to wear for 21 days. This is about as editorial as we get. Chris certainly knows how to work those camera angles. Not sure why he hasn’t pursued a career in modeling. haha

Boys and girls are different…that hasn’t been any more true than this month of fasting in the area of clothing. To me it’s been a pretty big deal…time and effort were a requirement in my selection of the seven items I would be wearing for the next 3 weeks.

1 pjs (t-shirt and leggings), 2 tops, a shrug, pair of jeans, and lenin pants

Chris on the other hand gave very little thought, so much so that he only chose one outfit, which includes a blue button up shirt and khaki shorts. It’s been interesting for me to see him in the same thing literally everyday, and painful to have to wash his clothing EVERY NIGHT! Weekends prove to be more difficult, because during the week he is required to be in uniform so as long as it’s washed and dry by the end of the work day, Chris doesn’t have to wear wet clothes or walk around the house in his boxers. (Is that TMI…sorry!)

In theory it would seem really great based off the idea that 1. easier/quicker to get dressed and 2. less laundry.

However there is a downside, no accessories, one pair of shoes…ekk!  Having to wash clothes daily, and to be very intentional about planning what I’m going to wear. But isn’t that a little shallow? Why yes it is!

I found myself before this whole clothing fast looking in to a walk-in closet FULL of clothes and saying, “I have nothing to wear.” Only to be painfully aware, this month, of what it’s like to literally have nothing to wear…to have to sit and wait for your clothes to dry because you wore it yesterday, or to wear the same things over and over.

After this month I’ve realized that we really do live in excess, especially when it comes to clothing. I have my justifications, that it really is a “need,” and I use that term loosely, but the reality is that we have an over abundance of clothes. Enough that I can go an entire week of not doing laundry and still have enough clothes to have options! How unthankful my heart has grown over the years, and a mindset of entitlement has crept in. The “I deserve this.  I need that,” always wanting more. Tricking myself into thinking I’m thankful and that it’s God’s blessing, and I believe that some of it is. But do I go as far as to share that blessing with my neighbor? Do I love my neighbor as myself? Willing to split 50/50? or do I indulge selfishly because we have the money in the budget? These are the hard questions I’ve faced this month. All over clothing…but it goes deeper…

I don’t want to get caught up in comparison with others because then I’m in the snare of being prideful, putting myself on a pedestal, or the other end of the spectrum, not measuring up. Holy Spirit has been convicting me of the way I live my life, the abundance that I eagerly lavish myself with, but at what cost? Vanity? I want to live in a radical way that puts myself last! Where I’m moved so deeply in my soul that I can’t feel right if I’m not putting others before me! I want to re-present God, in the way He so graciously gave up His son while we were yet sinners, in the way He gives us so many chances, so many blessings; the way He lavishes us in His love and forgiveness! It’s hard, it hurts, but it’s what we are called to.

God is working in deep places of my very being, not complete by any means, still very raw and slightly unreceptive, but so glad He’s not finished with me yet! Onward we press to deeper more intimate place with Him, and on to month three, fasting in the area of possessions!

It’s not to late to jump on the crazy train! We begin fasting in the area of possessions on the 1st of September.  Sign-up for updates or to join along in the fun here. I know God will speak to your heart, paring down on less helps to make room to hear.


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